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prince alfred park pool trigeneration chimneys - concept development

Prince Alfred Park Pool – Tri-Generation Plant Chimneys

Public Art Commission for City of Sydney (Sustainable Sydney 2030)

The Task

The pool building in the park has been designed to ‘disappear’ under a ramped grass roof. The tri-generation plant requires 12 large chimneys to protrude through the grass roof, thus giving the game read more }

Stair riser colour swatches, Ben Nicholson June 11-49 Cornish Landscape (detail)

West Hobart House


I began by showing the clients some paintings by British artist, Ben Nicholson. Each member of the family identified the colour/s in the paintings they most liked. Using these as a starting point, I took my paints on site, and mixed and played until read more }

Ollie and Me retail outlet, Gerringong, NSW

Ollie and Me

Concept Store, Gerringong, NSW

This very simple commission involved finding one perfect colour to match multicoloured upholstery fabrics and existing flooring in a retail shop. The clients originally asked for a shade of blue, as the fabric was predominantly blue and brown stripes.

Lymesmith provided read more }

Lymesmith - Kiama Farmhouse

Kiama Farm House


These lovely clients had a clear brief and great attachment to their home which had been extended and modified in a makeshift way over many generations. It was now officially too small for their extended close knit family.

Rather than demolish the entire house read more }

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