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Lymesmith produces thoughtful, creative design work in the fields of art, architecture and colour consultancy. We integrate sustainable design thinking into each project. Our consultative approach includes:

  • collaborative development of the project brief
  • project life-cycle assessment
  • design for quality and durability over short term solutions
  • use of local materials and talent
  • waste minimisation and eco specification
  • warm and honest service.

Lymesmith always:

  • sources products which fulfil or outperform Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS) requirements for acceptable levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
  • offers clients information about the health and safety of paints and finishes
  • values the long term health of clients, tradespeople, end users and the environment and our product recommendations reflect this approach
  • strives for quality, craftsmanship and beauty.

Our small actions towards sustainability in the office include:

  • minimising our greenhouse gas emissions wherever possible, and offsetting any remaining emissions from our energy consumption, air travel and road travel with CARBONNEUTRAL
  • paying a premium on energy bills for renewable energy
  • reuse or recycling packaging and paper waste, but, more importantly we strive to minimise paper usage
  • we turn off all our equipment at the powerpoint when not in use
  • we use only 100% post consumer waste recycled paper for printing.

About Paints and Coatings

While all manufactured goods including paints have an environmental cost, we strive to minimise this cost through careful product choice and recommending accredited ‘green’ tradespeople to carry out the work. Paints and coatings can extend the life of buildings and materials, and some paints can be used to reflect heat, and therefore significantly reduce the energy required for cooling buildings. Lymesmith uses all these methods and more, to produce quality results, save money for clients and minimise the environmental and health impacts of construction and renovation.

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